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Bed Bug Control

If you've ever traveled somewhere and came home with tiny red bites on your skin that itched but see no culprit, you may have brought back some unwanted companions called bed bugs.  Disaster Clean has a treatment!

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What is a bed bug?

A Bed Bug is a tiny parasite that feeds on of the blood birds and mammals (us). These creepy critters like to hide in even the cleanest of homes.  Cracks and crevices are their favorite hiding places, looking to the naked eye like a small black speck that leaves behind a red, itchy spot on the skin.

What is the most effective was to kill Bed Bugs?

Heat treatment is the only way to effectively rid Bed Bugs and their eggs.  Bed Bugs and eggs die within 90 minutes at 118 degrees F or immediately at 122 degrees.  Disaster Clean is equipped with trailer mounted heat drying systems for a whole house and electric heaters designed to treat smaller rooms.

How do I know if the treatment killed the Bed Bugs?

Depending on the size, a normal infestation takes only one treatment to rid your home of these pesky bugs.  In some cases larger infestations will require more than one treatment.  After three weeks at the end of a treatment, if there are no signs of live bugs, cast skins, new feces, or new bites it is safe to say you are officially bug free.