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Odor Control

Does your house stink? unidentifiable odor coming from your basement? Dirty Sock smell when you turn your air on?  Disaster Clean has the solution to clear the air.

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Got stench?

Let Disaster Clean come in and evaluate the odor.  Removing the source is the first line of order.  Now this is easy if you can see it or get access to it.  Otherwise this may pose as a tricky process.  Once we’ve eliminated the source, the challenge of getting that lingering odor out involves some nifty contraptions, washing, or sealing of the area.

How do we get this smell out?

A Hydroxyl generator or ozone machine is an effective method to remove odor.  With its ability to purify smoke odor after a fire or tobacco from a previous tenant, its a tried and true form of odor kill.

What is the difference in Hydroxyl and ozone?

Hydroxyl is a safe alternative for odor elimination in occupied spaces.  Hydroxyl is mother natures way of naturally neutralizing gasses, odors, bacteria and viruses by breaking down their chemical bonds.  So not only do they deodorize, they decontaminate the air as well.  Ozone changes the chemical structure of an odor, virus, or bacteria compound to a less potent hazard.  Ozone is recommended to be used in unoccupied environments.